Company history

Company history

Special supplier for gas and water works

In der ganzen Zeit der Firmenhistorie legt die Familie Blom wert auf eine kontinuierliche und solide Stärkung der VAF.

Due to the steady growth of the delivery program and the completion of the systems, Voigt-Armaturen was and is still set up expansively. The company is therefore permanently focused on further growth.


Gründung der Voigt Armaturenfabrik. & Handelsgesellschaft mbH (VAF) am 01.01.1975 durch Herrn Direktor Robert Voigt, Frau Ruth Blom, Herrn Dietrich Blom und einige andere Mitgesellschafter mit Firmensitz in Gelsenkirchen. Der erste Produktionsstandort mit ca. 200 qm befand sich in Bocholt.


Wurde der Sitz der Produktionsstätte nach Gelsenkirchen in die Emscherstraße, mit 300 qm Produktions- und Bürofläche, verlegt.


The Blom family took over sole management with 95% of the shares.


Construction of a new production facility in Gelsenkirchen Heßler with approx. 500 square meters of production- and 200 square meters of office-space.
Introduction of CNC technology in production Start with a Gildemeister CT 60.


Development of PE-HD / steel - transition connections.
Patent "Transition pieces for PE pipes System 2000".


DGM (German utility model) "Transition piece for flange connections".


New construction of the second production hall with another 500 sqm and 200 sqm social rooms.


Introduction of further CNC machining technology.


Entry into the production of plastic molded parts from recycled materials.


DGM "Bajo - installation sets".


Cooperation with GF - Georg Fischer and development of a pressure tapping valve DAV 440 for HDPE - pressure pipes with a worldwide distribution.
Patent “punching cutter for plastic pipelines”.


New development and production expansion in the area of ​​gas house connections.
Expansion of the product line for welded steel fittings.
Ausbau der Produktschiene Anbohrarmaturen mit MS-Eckventilen.


Company founder Dietrich Blom passed away.
Patent "swelling bracing for plastic pipeline connections" - for the DAV 440.
Introduction of the international quality management system IS0 9001/1994.
Introduction of CNC plastic welding technology for PE pipe and hose connections.
Introduction of the most modern program-controlled differential pressure testing technology for production monitoring.


New development and edition of the installation set production.
DGM "Assembly device for ball joint connections" for waste water.
Patent “ball joint connection; Telescopic connection piece “for waste water.


Further expansion of the CNC plastic welding technology through the development and purchase of two further CNC welding machines.


Introduction and expansion of certification according to ISO 9000/2000. Introduction of program and process-controlled automatic circular welding machines for steel pipe connections.
Expansion of the CNC production.


VAF becomes a training company. New development DAV 441. New development of water and gas house entries.


With thrust disk drill development of a new Tappingsystem SST for free Help valve.
Of production 2piece pipe rupturesealingclamps


Start of production SST DAV market launch.


Produktionsaufnahme der Universal-Anbohrschellen (Uni AS) DN 80-500 und 350-600.


The co-founder Mrs. Ruth Blom passed away.
Development of a tapping fitting for clamping on HDPE pressure pipes for gas and their testing and registration according to DVGW VP 304. Development and start of production of a new installation kit system Tele 3000.


Commissioning of a CNC controlled friction welding system for plastic pipes and components. Certification as a welding company in the product area of ​​fittings according to EN 3834-2 (EN 729-2) by the TÜV.


Extension of the CNC department to a fourth processing center.


Anschaffung eines CNC - gesteuerten Kappsägeautomaten mit einer Kapazität von max. 13.000 Sägeschnitten in 8h.
Commissioning of a grid-connected 45 kW (peak) photovoltaic system.


Zum 01.01.2013 startet mit Stefanie Blom die 3. Generation Blom in der VAF.
Expansion of the production of installation sets with CNC - controlled boring mills.


Development of a tapping fitting to clamp onto PE and PVC pressure pipes for water and their examination and registration to DVGW W 336 (P).


Expansion of the company property by purchasing more than 2.000 m².
Start of construction of another production and warehouse hall.


Commissioning of the new warehouse and the approx. 2.000 m² outdoor warehouse as well as a new company car park.
Redesign of production halls 1 and 2.


Expansion of production with a new CNC machine for the production of T-pieces and large steel molded parts.


Development of a plug-in connector system for series production, angles, couplings, screw connections for water.


Takeover of a new partially automated test bench for ST-PE, F-PE and housing parts.